“I don’t consider myself to be working in a career for women. I practise my teaching profession in a work environment where women outnumber men. That’s all! At the nursery, the women appreciate that a man acts like a man. When I show up to work with my toolbox, nobody looks twice!” Michel, 45 years, preschool teacher

“We were 4 guys in a class of 32 students. You could say we felt all eyes on us! I wanted to just turn around. That would’ve been the biggest mistake of my life. I am very happy with the decision I made!” Bruce, 32 years, secretary

“Young doctors, both men and women, are respectful in our opinion. We feel very appreciated. Our work has merit.” Normand, 35 years. Nurse and father of one


Does becoming a pioneer and entering a sector where men are less numerous interest you? Teaching, nursing, social work, and a variety of other domains, need everything different that you guys can bring. Your way of thinking, of working, of acting like men. We need you! So for those of you that are bold enough, have composure, are intelligent and want to slip away from routine, give it a try!


In the case of non-traditional programs for guys, it seems that there are more than enough! Whether you have high school, college or university training, you have lots of choices.
For example:


With a diploma of vocational studies (DVS), you can become:

• Nursing aide
• Dental assistant
• Pharmacy assistant
• Etc.

With a diploma of college studies (DCS), you can become:

• Day-care or pre-school teacher
• Delinquency worker
• Social worker
• Nurse
• Etc.

With a bachelor’s degree (BAC), you can become:

• Remedial teacher (working with children who have   learning difficulties)
• Physiotherapist
• Occupational therapist
• Etc.

All of the above professions are amongst the most in demand in Quebec!



A guy isn’t as good as a girl at helping and looking after others.
FALSE. Do you like to listen and talk to your friends, to help raise their moral when life isn’t perfect? Well then, becoming a psychologist, nurse, or social worker for sick kids, older persons and troubled teens might be the perfect job for you! Do you enjoy sharing what you know with others in order to help them? Then, you would be excellent at teaching or working in a day-care centre. Given your desire to learn and educate. It’s a job you can be proud of.

This type of job doesn’t have any action.
VERY FALSE. Just because you care for people doesn’t mean it isn’t exciting. Read what Normand, a nurse, had to say on the subject. “We find the majority of nurses in the intensive care and emergency room. So it should come as no surprise that as a nurse, your adrenaline’s pumping, you have to make split second decisions and take care of serious issues. This type of work should appeal to a lot of guys.” Sound exciting enough for you?

In “female careers”, there’s no chance for advancement. EXTREMELY FALSE. For example, if you choose to be a teacher in a day-care, your experience could very well lead to a job in a management position at a day-care service one day. Why not?

Being a nurse or looking after kids isn’t really respected in our society.
COMPLETELY FALSE. Everybody admires those that do something different than everybody else; they’re brave and aren’t afraid to live out their dreams!


Take the period from 1999 to 2006. For almost all the non-traditional disciplines for men, we see an increase in salary, in some cases, an increase of 30%.

A DVS in health sciences? The average salary went from $469 to $593 per week.
A DCS in social work? The average salary jumped from $399 to $538 per week.
A BAC in dental medicine? The average salary exploded from $1402 to $2083 per week.

A small piece of information that should interest you: Those that have a DVS in a domain associated with a health service are the ones in the best situation job-wise of all those that have a DVS. One of the reasons is because the jobs pay a better salary. Something to consider, isn’t it?


Three weeks, four weeks, five weeks. That’s generally how long it takes for those that have completed their training in a non-traditional sector before they find a job. And it isn’t just any job. In the vast majority, we’re talking about a full-time position in their technical field. For example, in 2006, 100% of people with a diploma in nursing found work in their sector … in only 2 weeks! So if you want to start working as soon as you get your diploma, remember that!

Has your curiosity been piqued and you want to know more? Visit the Emploi-Québec site on imt.emploiquebec.net. Here you’ll find a description of the work, required skills, employee perspectives, and everything else you need to know!

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